Warning: Adult content! Sex and extreme violence.


I was lying face down on a hard bed, my arms and legs splayed out in the form of an ‘X’. I made an attempt to move an arm, but something was restraining me. Turning my head, in the subdued reddish glow of light, I could see a broad, leather strap wrapped around my wrist and fastened to the corner of the bed. The other wrist was held in similar fashion and I guessed my ankles were bound the same. Someone had removed all of my clothing, and I lay, naked, on a stinking mattress. I shivered. It felt even colder than the morning I had awoken from a drunken state in Bran’s hotel room, whichever day that had occurred.

Somewhere, out of my line of sight, I heard a door open and close. Footsteps that sounded as if made by a heavy figure wearing boots approached from behind. I lay still in the hope it might believe I was still unconscious or, maybe, dead. I felt a heavy weight settle on the side of the bed, and a cold clammy hand pressed down on the back of my upper thigh.

“So, you are awake.” The voice was deep, harsh and guttural.

I tried to make no sign of breathing on the chance this being, I could not believe it was human, elf or fae, was testing me. My mind cringed with revulsion as I felt the hand sliding to the inside of my thigh. With my legs spread wide, I was vulnerable to any perversion he could imagine. Unable to repress the faint shudder as his finger entered me, I had to answer.

“Where am I? What happened? Who are you?”

“I will ask the questions. You will answer truthfully.”

I turned my head to view my captor. It, I suspected the sex to be male, but could not be certain, had large almond shaped eyes at the front of the head and extending round the sides. The pupil was of a reddish amber hue with large black iris. When it blinked, the eye lids close from each side to the center like curtains over a window.

It had two small nostrils on a protruding muzzle, similar in appearance to that of a dog. The mouth was little more than a gash without lips, and which I imagined contained some vicious teeth. It had no hair, but the skin was grey, leathery and appeared to be arranged like scales. Two short protrusions or horns curved upward from the sides of its head, slightly in front and above the small openings of flattened ears. As I looked, a black forked tongue flicked out through the front of the maw as if tasting the air.

It was dressed in a black uniform which gave it the appearance of being military. If it had been human, it would have been seriously over-weight, but perhaps the bulk was normal for these creatures. Although the shape stirred no recollection in my mind, I had never before seen the like, I realized I was looking at a true-bred demon. The ancestors of these entities appeared to have evolved from reptiles.

“You are an angel. Am I correct?” It spoke with a slight hissing lisp that made me think of a snake. The fingers moved inside me while the thumb caressed my clitoris.

I felt subdued as I nodded my head.

“What were you doing here?”

Uncertain what Bran had been looking for, I was unsure how to answer. My silence must have been taken as sullenness, as I felt sharp pain inside my vaginal slit. I gasped.

“Answer me! What were you doing here?”

“I don’t know. The man I was with wanted to see the portal I came through into this world.”

“You are lying. Why did you release the prisoners?”

I felt more pain stabbing through me so that I cried out. “We didn’t know they were prisoners. They used telepathy to persuade Bran to turn off the light. I tried to stop him.”

“Who is this Bran you talk of?”

“TeeRaigo Bran. The man who was in the crypt with me. He saw me dancing at the Kitty Kavern, and wanted to know about angels and how I had arrived in this dimension. He told me he was carrying out research for the government.” I tried to make my voice and thoughts sound truthful, sincere, in view of Bran having told me that demons also had telepathic abilities.

“Liar! Admit, you are spies!”

“I don’t know what you mean. Spying for whom?” Until I had met Bran, I was unaware there were different factions seeking information about each other. I was regretting that I had allowed him to embroil me in some sort of war. I did not want to think about him, but could not stop from wondering if he had been captured or if he had managed to escape.

It felt as if the demonic eyes were burning holes through my head with their unblinking gaze. I tried to read what the creature was thinking, but my mind was in too much turmoil to concentrate.

“My troops were over exuberant in their use of weapons. I demanded that you both be taken alive, but the human was killed in the fighting.” The words sent a shiver of anguish running through me, but confirmed the psychic abilities of the demon. I could convince myself I had no sentimental feelings toward Bran, and yet I still experienced pangs of regret; that his death had left a hole in my life.

The creature continued, “You see, there is no need to withhold information from me. There is no point in trying to protect him now.”

“I never was trying to protect him. He told me nothing other than his interest in where the portal was situated.” There was a silence for a few moments. I knew my thoughts were being analyzed. As if in afterthought I added, “And that other races may try to use it to invade this world.” I kept the memory of those words repeating in my mind to convince the demon of their truth.

“What am I going to do with you? That is my big question. You have brought a lot of trouble on yourself, and me, by your interfering with the prisoners.” “I am sorry. It was not intentional. Why were they imprisoned?” I thought it might help my situation to show concern.

“There were six individuals waiting trial for crimes of treason plotted against the peace and stability of this world.”

More relaxed over the way I was able to answer his questions I could now see he was not telling the truth. I was certain he had no inkling that I was telepathic too.

“Are they not disembodied spirits?”

I guessed the look he gave me was one of surprise. “What do you know of disembodied spirits?”

Perhaps I had shown too much concern. “Only that if the spirit is forcibly separated from its living, physical body it is tied to this plain of existence.” I was shocked to realize what I had just implied. They must be the six members of the human government Bran had spoken of. The thoughts rushed unchecked through my brain. I had forgotten that a demon had telepathic abilities.