Originally from southwest of England, the writer now resides in the Cote d'Or of Burgundy, France, an area renowned for some of the best red wines in the world. A boarding school education spawned an ambition to become a writer of science fiction and horror stories; however, responsibility to a wife and son, and a career in electronic design subverted the dream until divorce in 2003 when the creative urge was re-ignited. A writer of short stories and novels, he adheres to no particular genre, although much of his writing depicts elements of the occult and paranormal.

He also writes a little poetry, usually on dark subjects, but never considers himself to be a poet, likening it more to weaving colourful patterns with words on a form, which hopefully depict a story to the reader like a tapestry.


  KPN books now available 

in which some of my writing has been published.

Vicious Bites

Through shrouded mists hovering over gravestones and crypts, shadowy figures appear in the night. Beguiling temptations tantalize and entice innocent souls, luring them into the immortal embrace of the vampire. Take an evening stroll with the Vicious Writers of Key Publications Network as they guide you through poems of eternal passion, and thrill with stories of savage malevolence.

In Vicious Bites, I have a short story published called Eyes That Haunt Me.  Sorin, a female vampire imprisoned in a cage at a circus freak show, is released by a young man who is then accused of her abduction, rape and murder.

Also published are three poems, Vampire in White, The Vampire of Croglin Grange, and The Vampire of Highgate Cemetery. I also wrote the introduction for the book.

The Vicious Dead

They're coming for you and time is running out. Hordes of the undead are at your door with a craving for flesh. Your flesh, your blood; to make you one of them ... The Vicious Dead. Filled with short stories and poems by members of the Key Publications Network, The Vicious Dead stands as a unique anthology completely dedicated to the horrors of a zombie apocalypse. Do not read this book alone.

My short story published in The Vicious Dead is called Invocation of the Dead.


Vicious Spirits

Walk with us, won't you? Take the hands of the members of Key Publications Network and we'll wander through the darkened corridors of eerie, old houses and meander through long forgotten cemeteries and crypts. We'll take our time and pay our respects to those who have gone before. We'll investigate every shadowed corner in search of ghosts and laugh with delight when they make us jump in fright. With little more than our mirth to bar the chill and a candle to light our way we'll face the night together, and slowly dance with Vicious Spirits.

I Believe In Werewolves

I Believe In Werewolves

Published by NetBound Publishing

Twenty Stories, eighteen great authors all presenting a feast of werewolf tales that will have you howling at the moon. Rarely does a collection of stories come along that takes you on a journey like these. Enter into their visions of wolfen terror and you too will Believe in Werewolves.

Includes my story: The Werewolves Of Mauvin


Thirsty Are The Damned

Thirsty Are The Damned

Published by Rainstorm Press

Thirsty are the Damned is a collection of 22 Vampiric tales and poems to whet your appetite if you want a thrill that will chill and entertain. With no romantic contagions, this book is filled with vampires that are cursed, deprived and damn right blood obsessed. Each story and poem has its unique take on the vampire myth, bringing alive the mystery and horror that surrounds the legends, leaving you wondering if vampires actually do walk amongst us!

Includes my story: Rest In Peace


With a view to creating graphics for book cover designs, yet being no artist -- I was thrown out of finger painting classes at Kindergarten for being useless -- I discovered software to produce 3D Computer Generated Images. The above are a few examples using Bryce 7.1 Pro. In the coming months, I hope to build up a picture gallery of images and animations. Apart from Bryce, I will be using Daz 3D, Blender, Hexagon, Wings3D, and MakeHuman.

Promo Book Trailer animation in Bryce 7.1 Pro for Netbound Publishing Horror Anthology, 

I Believe in Werewolves 

I have written several pieces of work set in, or referring to, Highgate Cemetery in North London. For some reason, there is a macabre fascination that draws me to the place. The pictures in this video may give an indication of why.

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