Angel d'Amour

Publisher: Not published

ISBN  xxxxxxxxx


Angel d'Amour.  Synopsis

Richard Collins, author and middle-aged rebel, has returned to England for the launch of his first published novel, 'Preserved in Amber,' and to renew old acquaintanceships with the lady, Amber, whose life as an escort, had induced him to write the story.  Beguiled into a strange liaison with a mysterious woman, Amanda, he is drawn into a world where the borders between fantasy and reality become increasingly blurred culminating in the most intense sexual experiences of his life.

Aware that Richard and Amber are connected through the past lives of a French soldier of fortune, Anton de la Croix, and the 17th century prostitute Katherine, and that his writing is an attempt to correct a karmic injustice Katherine feels was inflicted upon her, jealousy comes to the fore resulting in the apparent murder of Amber.  Arrested and accused of her death in the belief he is being blackmailed by the escort, Richard suspects Amanda as the perpetrator of the crime.  He is released due to insufficient evidence, so decides to confront her only to realise the truth appearing to exemplify the perfect crime, murder committed from beyond the grave with the killer, adding a new twist to the ‘third woman’ scenario being untouchable by human law.

Copyright © January 2006 Robert A Read. All rights reserved 

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