Characters from my novels  (In loving memory of)

Whip lashed in fantasy, devastated by tragedy
You are my creation in the pages of my dreams
I gave you life to lead, scarred your flesh and watched you bleed
Subjected you to terror from my cold sadistic pen

I tore the wings that guide you to your final destination
And hurled you naked, soulless to the ground
I threw you into battle, unarmed against the rabble
With bravery, as hero and a warrior of the damned

I once brought to you in love the most beautiful of angels
Teased you with her naked charms and sexual desire
Then left her to the ravages of rapists and savages
Made you watch her violation while helpless to her screams 

But too, you are a woman, the heroine of my story
I gave to you the man I knew would only bring you tears
In livid destitution, you watched his execution
That turned your life into a hell of hopelessness and shame 

I sold you to a demon, a sorcerer of darkness
To deplore you as a vamp, a sustainer of his needs
He chained you in captivity, a whore to men's depravity
Drinking energy's elixir of consummate release

But when the pain inside you reached depths beyond imagining
Your desecrated body I held within my hands
I felt the grief inside me flare, from the sorrows that you bare
I wept the tears you tried to bring to minds of those who read

While hands on faces scribble eternal circles in the sand
Turn the story backwards till the lightning strikes again
I am your god, your nemesis, composer of the sentences
Paint pictures of your memories immortal to the world


 The subject may be a little tongue-in -cheek, an author considering himself as the supreme deity in a world of his creation.  I do love poetry with cadence, rythm and rhyme. I'm no poet, but this piece was an experiment in form; the rhyme in the split third line of each stanza.

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