The Final Prayer

Written in memory of a friend who died in a road accident.

 Can it be, that voice I hear
which murmurs softly in my ear
to soothe this night of pain and fear
as darkness round me gathers near

 Can it be, the voice that said
Fear not the terrors in your head,"
that calmed my screams of tortured dread
as breath and living reason fled

 Can it be, the hands that now
wipe sweat and blood from injured brow
though she may wonder why and how
from fiery steed of fate I fell

 Can it be, the eyes that wept
as in her arms at last I slept
and vigilance beside me kept
while others stand around inept

 Can it be, the final prayers
whispered softly through her tears
while cold heart's shadow ever nears
in sombre silence no one hears

 Then as the mourning siren sings
I'm lifted up on death's cold wings
yet as time heals, and peace it brings
for you I leave these precious things

That now my spirit homeward bound
a mother's love was all I found

 A Poem by Mysteral
© 2007


Nothing much I can add to this, other than to let the words speak for themself

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