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Angelic Darkness

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Poetry  vampyric and other themes

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I Know You Watch Me


I feel him in my veins....
How he looked at me with his
dark shades, how his shadow
huddled behind him, how he wanted
to reach out.

How his eyes held mine, and he made
my soul shiver.
Then he was gone...only the memories
of a ghost.

I plead for answers, why me, my images
not erased.
In dreams, coming to me to trust you,
to feed me as you teased within.

Do you see my tears and want to run to them,
stomping the flow, letting it run through your fingertips,
only to taste me?

Do you see my smile, only to wish tracing my lips?
Do you feel my sadness, and outline my name in your heart,
drawing blood to fill in your loneliness?

When I am alone sometimes, and like now hear a slow song,
one that takes me gently with its melody, I imagine you
catching my expression as we dance.

I long to see your world, to ask why your eyes follow me...
When dusk pleasures my senses, and night speaks of your
presence, why do you stay hidden, saying your prayers

witnessing my moans, only to say my name in a strangled
cry, weeping of a death that will not come.
I want to touch your face, to read your eyes,
to live in your story, and walk upon your past,
to gaze upon kings, queens, playing their cards.

To walk on waters before my time, and feel their
pain, letting it wash my skin, their mouths speaking in

Your history branded on your flesh, now my dear,
I am apart of yours.

Find me, I summon thee in the final hours of my
life, only to be put into your future.


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Cynthia Grove

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Goddess and Moon

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 Sacred Circles Coven


Cynthia Grove

Her moon is bedded in the evening sky
Shimmering stars stare paralyzed
Her Universe complete and fertile
Consummated in light eternal.

Hail Goddess bright, eternal mother
One song sung completes the other.
In unison the voices rise
They swell above and reach the skies.

Great Goddess, Lover, Mourner, Mother
Virgin, Maiden, wizened Crone
Earthly names describe your role
You steal our hearts and heal our souls.

Thunderous, rampant, violent drumming
The sphere of life is overcome
By power, might, yet gentleness
As we are soothed within your breast.

You stand a Queen amongst the stars
We behold our Lady from afar
Yet deep within you exist in us
Your sweet embrace fulfills our trust.

Copyright 2008 Cynthia Grove



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