REFLECTION of HOME: A blitz poem

Life of deception

Life in reflection

Reflection of war

Reflection before

Before the divorce

Before the remorse

Remorse for the crime

Remorse for the time

Time lost in haste

Time we all waste

Waste came to taunt

Waste not nor want

Want only the best

Want nothing but rest

Rest of the time

Rest of the wine

Whine to a friend

Whine till the end

End of the night

End is in sight

Sight so unkind

Sight to the blind

Blind led to the gate

Blindness of fate

Fate leads to chance

Fate leads the dance

Dance through the dark

Dance for a lark

Lark up so high

Lark is a spy

Spy plane you see

Spy plain to me

Me, this will shout

Me, this poem’s about

About to unwind

About being kind

Kindness to those

Kind to numb toes

Toes on my feet

Toes walk me to greet

Greet my dear friend

Greetings to send

Send in the post

Sending the most

Most often alone

Most often at home

Home in defiance

Home independence



A poem by Mysteral.
© 2009

The form for the blitz poem was created by Robert Keim.
Despite the simplicity of the form there are a few rules to be aware of:

A Blitz poem is 50 lines long.

Line one should be a single phrase, it can be a cliche.

Line 2 must start with the same word as line one.

Lines 3 and 4 begin with the same word that ends line 2. Lines 5 and 6 begin with the same word that ends line 4, and so on until line 49.

Line 49 repeats the last word of line line 48. Line 50 repeats the last word of line 47.

The title is created from the first word of line 3 and the first word of line 47, joined with a conjunction.

The first 48 should be short, but at least two syllables long.

Blitz poems should not be punctuated.

The result should be read very fast, pausing only to breath.


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