Temple Knight

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Temple Knight.


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The end of the 11th century, Pope Urban II has begun a mission to free the city of Jerusalem from Muslim domination. Preaching at Autun in Burgundy, many knights, including Sir Hugh de St Omer and his son, Sir Guy, take "the cross" and join the first crusade. Their squire, Geffroi, who, unbeknown by him, is the illegitimate son of Sir Hugh, attends them on the trek to Nicaea, where his one burning ambition is to win his spurs by valour in battle. His bravery is recognised, but his knighthood is the result of the death of his half-brother.

After the fall of Antioch, the surviving Crusaders head for Jerusalem where, by a series of coincidences, considered‚ÄĚThe Hand of God," they storm and take the city. During the battle, Sir Geffroi is injured and finds his way into a temple garden, where his recovery is aided by the skills of a beautiful priestess.

Secrets kept by the temple are revealed to Geffroi, which he is duty bound to divulge to the new rulers of the city, leading to the formation of the Knights Templar.

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