Vampiric Lovers.

I wake again, from daylight...


I hear the cellar door…



She’s going out again,

Out in the dark and icy rain;

Another life will end in pain,

Another death a human slain,

And police unable to explain

The bloodless torsos that remain.


I hear the cellar door…


Her footsteps on the stair…



A chapel built of lichened stone,

In crypt beneath celestial throne,

I found a heap of moldering bone,

A skeleton, of age unknown,

Chained to the wall it died alone:

I set it free... then heard the moan.


On wooden  stair, her footsteps…


Out through the front door…



I heard the voice inside my head,

"What hast thou done?" the guardian said,

"For thou hast summoned from the dead

An evil thing, from darkness bred;

On living human flesh it fed!

A vampire bride from Satan fled."


Out in the dark her footsteps…


I hear her at the window...



My wraith came to me that same night

In mildewed shroud of acolyte;

Her face a ghastly pallid white,

Eyes stared ahead but without sight,

And neither looking left nor right

They gleamed with eerie phosphor light.


On window glass I hear her…


"Let me in," her fingers…



Tonight she’ll stand beside my bed,

Silk coverlets and sheets blood red,

Ask me to hold her, though she’s dead,

The stench of flesh on which she fed

Will turn my stomach, spin my head,

Fill me with horrifying dread.


I feel long nails on my back…


She'll kiss my neck, incisors…



I taste her blood I sup a measure,

My courtesan of lustful pleasure,

Two lovers share erotic treasure;

Tomorrow night we’ll haunt together,

We’ll prowl the night what ere the weather,

My wraith and I, un-dead for ever.


I kiss her neck, incisors…


Dripping blood, in moonlight…




©2009  Rob Read aka Mysteral

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