An Angel in Stilettos

Work in progress

ISBN  xxxxxxxx


An Angel in Stilettos.  (working title) is a novella for Le Boudoir erotica group.


Angel in Stilettos

Lauriel,a newly qualified guardian angel, was on her first assignment-a male child. He grew into a young man, so handsome, she felt attraction toward him. The attraction became an obsession until one night she succumbed to temptation and entered his dreams as a succubus, turning an honest, upright young man to a life of lust and debauchery. His soul lost to the dark side, she had committed the most heinous of crimes-desecration of his immortal spirit.

The sentence for her sin was banishment to a world where demons, elves and half breeds run amok among the human society, reeking havoc with greed, corruption and organised crime. Here, she will suffer pain and humiliation until she can find her reincarnated lost charge and return him to the light.

The humans on this world are filled with evil thoughts. Most do not realise they have immortal spirits, making her task almost impossible as she cannot see into their soul to recognise the one for whom she searches. The only times she is able to sense the spirit are the moment of death, or that short instant of sexual orgasm thought of as a miniature death. Knowing he was reincarnated in a male human figure in the area she entered. Her options seem either to comfort every man on his death bed, or...

Materializing in a derelict cathedral in the city of Selmar, she meets Cervilon, a demon / elf half-breed. As a telepath, she believes he can hide nothing from her, thus, she is unaware of his evil intentions. He convinces her he can help find the one she seeks and taking the role as her manager, finds her employment at The Kitty Kavern, a club owned by Madame Siren offering a floor show of live sex and known to its more insalubrious clientele as the “Pussy Club.”

Unbeknown to Lauriel, during the throes of orgasm, the bared soul of the client is vulnerable to being snared and imprisoned by the demon leaving the zombie-like corpse as a potential host to demonic possession. In this way, it is becoming possible for the demon horde to infiltrate the upper echelons of society and take over positions of power.

Concern that previously staunch conservative members have suddenly changed their allegiance to favour the dark forces has initiated the National Bank to investigate the backgrounds of these personnel and their involvement with The Kitty Kavern.

TeeRaigo Bran, an ex-police officer and now, after being set up to take the blame when several innocent bystanders were gunned down in a bungled heist, a private investigator is hired by the bank to conduct the investigation. Like other humans, he has no knowledge of souls, but his enquiries lead him into a tryst with a devastating succubus and a one-way journey into hell.

Note: Picture above is representation of the intended cover design only

© 2008 Robert A Read. aka Mysteral.

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