A friend once posted a competition to write a poem around 8 words - winter, moon, lies, fire, bird, pain, journey, alone My attempt was:-

Vivid night of star burst moon taunts blackness cast
By lightning scarred on sleepless pain's cold penitence
As feline hunters soft pawed waltz with shadowed ghouls

Alone, nocturnal prowl the nightmare realms of innocence
Where naked winter lies in hoar frost death's embracing arms
Cold as the marbled tomb in which she mourns her summer song

Trembling as she rises from her grave the herald stands
The journey of the dawning firebird calls her welcome kiss
To wake the sleeping springtime breathing life again to live

A Poem by Mysteral
© 2008

This is the nearest I come to writing free-form poetry.  I tried to weave the words into something unexpected;  "fire" and "bird" I combined. The firebird is another name for the mythological phoenix --- rising from the ashes of its death into new life... like Spring...

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